Cooking 101

Our married motto for the last ten years has been the common “I cook – you clean”, mainly because I don’t cook anymore and he doesn’t clean. It’s important to a good marriage to understand these basics! It’s also key to spend time apart once in awhile. 

Now with Richie out of town, I had to cook and clean. By cook I mean, open a box. From my secret stash for such occasions. I made an ambitious attempt to make my own dinner. I cooked the macaroni to perfection – not al dente and not too soft. As it drained, I went back to the pan on the stove to create a sauce. I reached into the refrigerator, that’s alongside the stove, and threw in half a stick of butter. It quickly started to melt and snap as it hit the bottom of the sauce pan. Trying to be faster than the heat, I reached in the ‘frig again for the milk jug, and without measuring, poured in my idea of 1/4 cup. The jug label on the counter mocked an explanation as to why my sauce was now brown. I’d used the cider jug!

Gratefully, I was still hungry and ate it anyway. It was a taste of fall as I fell from grace. Luckily Richie was away. It helped a good marriage last a little longer.


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