June 22, 2016

When the commuter rail approaches my stop, I’m not one of the people that stands up and waits two miles for the door to open. I’m folding my magazine or finishing a chapter and waiting for my row to disembark. Im never sure if either strategy is saving any of us time or energy. Either way, we all herd into the subway station at once.

Today,I was in the back of the pack when we left the train. As I got to the bottom of the subway stairs, I saw the start of our herd walking off the platform and into the red inbound car. The subway doors closed in front of the rest of us that were still on the approach. We missed being passengers by seconds. We got burned. Branded. It left a mark. I will not let that happen again….mainly because the cars after that hour get cramped. Just Two minutes later I was on the next car – but I was also on my feet. All The seats were taken.

It was the first time I had to stand up on the red line.

For five stops. 

I was tired and It was early. I tried to think about something else. Horses came to mind. I wanted to be like them. Horses can sleep standing up.

I’m not experienced enough to read from my book or iPhone while standing up and holding onto a strap or railing. So, I read the ads on the car walls. The hospitals I was passing had ads about vice self-help courses and an adult ADHD study. The Tech school wanted members for its credit union. The school on the other side of the Charles had me convinced I could be a professional photographer. 

Then there was the ad with a phone number in 140-point font. It merely said – “Overweight and feeling down?”

No! I’m just over the wait and feeling downtown is still too far away.

What’s your game plan for the day? 


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  1. Well written. I can totally relate to all of this but I’ve been lucky this week working grin a different office and driving instead of gambling with public transit. 2 more days. Almost there.

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