Handicap score

I’ve written about the handicapped and homeless since starting the Boston section of my blog. I like to believe I have a little compassion. Today I admit there is a hole in that theory.I’m either not as aware of disabilities as I thought or I’m a more savvy traveler than I let on. 

Park Street is the most populated subway terminal during my commute. However, there are also more cars available and I don’t have to await a specific lettered train for my two stops. Regardless, today was packed and I took full and complete advantage of a gap that started forming in the crowd. With 1,273 other people trying to transition at any minute in time, “you gotta do what you gotta do”. 

The crowd was opening up but I couldn’t see the reason why. I had to know, maneuvered that way as quickly as I could and seized what I saw as an opportunity. The girl in the dark glasses was easily making her way through the craziness, so I followed her. Well, followed right behind her seeing eye dog. 

The crowd was parting like Moses parted the Red Sea for crying out loud!  I was trying to get to my own  Promised Land, wasn’t I? I was being delivered to work. 

…lead us not into temptation but deliver us from commuting evil! 

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