Character Reference

Today was the first day I had to wait multiple minutes (4) for subway cars on both the red and green lines. Christmas crossed my mind but only because of the mobs at Park Street. I was only a half hour behind my routine but evidently thirty minutes makes all the difference at rush hour. Knowing I’d miss my train, I slid into my subway seat to watch everyone else go mad:

– Starbucks girl: sipping her gourmert iced drink while eating her artery clogging chocolate croissant standing against the wall of a crammed subway car. Having spent $10 on a snack, I’m guessing her last meal wasn’t all that long ago. She was woofing it down like there was no tomorrow though. Why didn’t she eat it before she got on the train?  Why didn’t she save it for wherever she was headed? Did she consider this a good dining ambiance? If there is a tomorrow, I hope she takes time to swallow. 

I couldn’t watch any longer. I moved on to…

– Laptop lady: I was amazed at her subway productivity. She wasn’t just dual tasking with ear buds or Instagram, she had created a desk for herself within her 8 square inches on the crowded car. She was editing an electronic document with people on every side of her. She even referenced a hard copy original by continually refiling it into the side of her cardigan. She was totally focused on her task. I’ve heard of virtual offices but this lady had virtually no room. I’d love to see what she accomplishes in an entire day.

I’d already seen her “use of space” polar opposite too:

– Backpack boy: the kid that jumped onto the already sardine-packed subway car in front of us. Our group was waiting for the empty train directly behind it. His sack protruded a foot behind him knocking a short woman in the head, as he jumped into a doorway that had a door but no way. Evidently, he saw what didn’t exist. He seized a man standing just inside the threshold. The kid just thrust himself into the rear of unsuspecting man! When the doors couldn’t close, because of the backpack, the kid continued to push his business into the business man.  The door attempted to close an additional three times. With each, he shoved harder, knocking everyone inside around like bowling pins. When the door finally snapped shut, he went into a dark tunnel with all his victims. 

Evidently, waiting is not something I do with patience or a restful mind. Maybe waiting multiple minutes brings out my other personalities. If the city’s not going mad, maybe it’s me.


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