These commuting daily entries seem to write themselves on certain days. 

Today is no exception. <6/24/16>

A common theme attached itself to the people I met during my commute this morning.

I could hear the “Porter Street player” of the day as I descended my 150 steps into the subway station. An old man was playing on his guitar. I appreciated his dedication and enjoyed the melody, I agreed with the lyric, “How wonderful life is while youre in the world.”

I stepped past him, onto the waiting subway car and was unexpectedly greeted by an elderly black woman. “I love your blouse, it’s just what we need around here.” She was commenting on my bright v-neck orange blouse. I thanked her for noticing and told her I was trying to embrace color and not worry about standing out in the crowd. We laughed since it seemed to be effective, given our conversation. She was headed home to Roxbury after finishing a night owl shift at CVS. Virona was sweet and had a spark plug personality for someone completing third shift. When We hit my stop and I stood to leave the subway car, She called out:

“There she goes – and she WILL be noticed”! I felt like I could concur the world. How wonderful that she is part of it.

The world seemed ready to revolve around me as I stepped out of the revolving door and into our office building lobby. I pulled out my ID as I headed for the elevators. I was surprised to see the young woman at the security desk because it was the same person that was there when I’d left the night prior. She confirmed my observation and also assured me she’d rested and eaten since I’d last seen her. 

Tomorrow I’ll ask her name , since she too is part of my world.

What was your theme for the day?


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