Dirty Dozen

Day 12

On the train into work this morning, a woman asked if she could sit before she joined me. Others just plop their ass down. Her manners were a pleasant surprise since conversation is minimal on public transportation. I was going to provide more than a response but noticed she was also trying to get her two young girls settled. The kids ended up in a triple seat directly across from us. When the conductor arrived for their tickets, my new seat mate was excited for the money exchange. That’s not a typical female reaction unless shoes or fine jewelry are involved. She also asked the conductor if her family could take a picture. “It’s our first time on a train!”, she announced excitedly as she snapped her photo. What a joy to experience this family on my scheduled early morning train.
On the subway out of town this Friday evening, the green line was packed. Nobody said anything as we all grabbed for a handle or GYN-inspired strap before the train took off. I was suddenly glad to be somewhat tall and not have an armpit in my face. I also wondered what these rides would be like in a hotter July or August?. I endured my two stops wishing my way to the cleaner, faster uncrowded red line so I could just meet my train. 

It wasn’t long before I remembered the phrase, “be careful what you wish for”. 

Yes, I was in my own air conditioned clean seat but the train hesitated between 
Minutes passed quickly as my commuter rail departure time approached. I got off the subway at 5:14 trying to catch a 5:07. 

Sonofabitch! I missed my scheduled train and have to wait another half hour on a Friday night.

 It’s not a thrill like this morning but it doesn’t REALLY bother me. I decided to just sit down and finish this entry for you fine people. 

Who will you be with this weekend?


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