A weary traveler I am not. Not yet anyway. Commuting to the city on public transportation is a long day but I reenergize every moment I’m on the trains.  I don’t have to drive a vehicle, maneuver through traffic AND I get time to myself to do the things I love? To me, it’s a win/win/win. 

I use my commute time to read, write and reflect. 

Right now my reflection tells me I also need to exercise. 

The train returns to my home town at 6:15. Just up the hill is the local recreation facility. In my youth I biked there almost every summer day. Tonight I drive there to swim because it’s also halfway between the train and where I now live. 

I arrive as the last three members are leaving for the night. I have a three section, 5 lane lap pool all to myself. Swimming is the exercise I’ve always enjoyed most. Refreshing this way along my two miles home is the best way to end the day. 

How do you exercise – and relax- each day ?

PS – Not by waiting too long to go to the door for your train stop. I was writing this about the night prior when I realized I was at the wrong end of the train! The conductors had to wait for me to run through three cars before I could disembark.

Note to self: Listen to the conductors when you are writing. 

PPS – I made it to the pool again for my 30 minutes of peace and refreshment. The air was a cool 68 degrees but the water was 80!