Pickup Artists

Yesterday, I spent time with a few of my former work friends.  It was great to be able to pick up exactly where we’d left off.  They’re as wonderful as ever:

The Country Gal – she still raises sheep and the anticipation of Spring continues to be lambing season.  The flock is much larger but she still talks of her trailer and road trips.  She  works the farm herself and is a down-to-earth natural beauty.  She reminds me to be my tomboy self and to live a more carefree life.

The Chef – she still tries out new recipes and serves the delicious result with the people in her life.  I’ve not been to her home but I know it is welcoming and loving as soon as I meet her dogs.  She is a nurturer and provider and gives more than she receives.  She reminds me to be my soulful self and to live a selfless life.

The Travel Blogger – she still loves to meet people and develop meaningful relationships. Her experiences are on an International scale now but she writes about her travels to share them with the rest of us.  She figures out life and wants us to learn from where she’s been.  She reminds me to be my happy self and to live a loving life.

Each of these women are artisans at what they do best.  Each aspect of their lives helps me to define my own.

If that’s the case, why have I referred to them as my work friends?  Maybe because I hold back – I had to work a little harder to let them into my life.

After our dinner I realized that although we used to be in the same office, they are plain and simply, my friends.