Rejoice = Peace

Philippians 4:4-9

Why do I blog bible verses from time to time?

It’s a chronology of my learning and understanding that I  share out of love. It’s a personal spiritual journey that has potential solace for others.

Why this verse today?

Yes, it was a reading at Mass. However, it’s what happened after Mass that makes me want to share it:

  • My father sometimes writes paper notes and inserts them into his Bible.
  • They are of lessons learned or special times shared with others about specific passages.
  • I wrote down this reference and “flipped to Philippians” (you don’t hear that every day).
  • My hope was that my Dad could turn to it during his periods of great anxiety.
  • There was already a note for this same chapter and verses!
  • It was from three years ago.
  • I remembered that period in my life as soon as I read the note.
  • A very personal 7-year mentoring relationship had just ended. I was hurt, confused, sad … and angry. It was one of the most tumultuous times of my life. I’d asked my father to suggest a verse that would help me understand.
  • He’d suggested this one.

The passage I’d referred to my father for his times of need …

was the exact one he’d provided when I needed it most.

Sometimes my spiritual journey is a whisper. Other times it’s like getting hit over the head. The Holy Spirit literally blows my mind.



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