I connected with a woman at work well over a month ago. After one of our last end-of-day meetings, we stayed and just chatted for 10 or 15 minutes. Everything she said was of interest. The more she spoke, the more I wanted to share what we had in common.

Then it got personal. She told me about her Mom that had only recently passed. It had been several months but was clearly still raw. It probably always will be.

She was also the executor so there was a lot to absorb. All the paperwork and business around her Mom’s departure probably delayed some of the emotional acceptance.

I learned about her Mom too. She was a believer. She took great notice in life’s pivotal moments. She believed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Like I said, the more she talked the more I wanted to share. I wanted her to know parts of my own spiritual journey. I wanted her to know about this blog. Before we left for the night I told her I had a website of “whispers” I wanted to share because of what she told me about her mother.

She told me she would love to see it.

I never sent it.

I saw her again in the halls and it prompted me to make a note to send her the link.

I never sent it.

After one of my last posts, I thought about her and her mother.

I never sent it.

Yesterday in the break room we talked again while heating up our lunches. She shared about not being able to sleep. She also told me she had the day off today but wasn’t looking forward to it. All her mother’s accounts were settled, now 6 months later, and they would formally be putting her to rest.

My heart went out to this woman.

I went back to my desk to eat and knew our short conversation was the prompt I needed to finally send  her this “Whispers” section of my blog.

She sent back an email saying it was exactly what she needed.

I was confident the Holy Spirit was between us.

I didn’t wonder if that was why I finally shared my spiritual connection with her. I knew it was.

was still curious though…

I drove home and read my “God in every moment calendar”:

“God has made no mistake in orchestrating our life and purpose. The desire of His heart is for us to follow the desire of ours .. because He has placed it within us.”

I took comfort in what it said.

I also took comfort in this new woman in my life – and knowing her spiritual mother had met her Maker.