Awesome Kid

One daughter is working away from home near campus and one is home with us for the summer. I miss campus daughter quite a bit. Home daughter is underfoot and not missing a beat.

She is taking this house organizing to the next level.

I posted about the mantle incident a couple of weeks ago. She either thought she was a comedianne or effective. Probably both.

The method is still effective but not so funny anymore:

– We tend to donate or resell clothes but no longer, evidently, verbally communicate about it. I came home to a pile of clothes with the “I need a new home” note on top. I like the downsizing, I just wish she’d drop them in a bin on her way to work at this point. The directives when I get home are more work than work at the office.

– It’s more than just the clothes. Part of the cleaning and downsizing are the decisions you make along the way. We don’t get credit for those. It only counts when we execute on the decision. We’d decided to bring a fan and computer to the local electronics drive this weekend. We brought the fan down from upstairs:

photo 4

It got moved to the bottom of the stairs and the next day, closer to the back door. That wasn’t our best and certainly not good enough.

– My husband gets them too. She helped him clean his office and we also have a clean kitchen table every night now. To make sure neither is compromised, she leaves him notes like this:

photo 2-17 Evidently, he can’t keep a crossword puzzle and book in the living room.

– the really frustrating one was when I went to my desk in the hall to check the days mail. There was a pile forming but only because the tuition bills are due and there’s a stack of various paperwork that needs to be signed, posted to the internet or mailed. I’m really not the bad guy in all this. photo 3-1-1– there was a post-it on the computer we decided to give to Recycle Day also. That note was in our bedroom – along with the computer and speakers. I think she was speaking her peace by saying she was tired of looking at it in the living room? I hadn’t thought to save that first memento.

I don’t think I thought it was cute until I pictured her writing all the notes. I started to save the Gretel slips when I realized she thought I was some sort of wicked witch that lived in the woods in a non-OCD house.

She does make me laugh. She does think of me when I’m at work. I wonder if she also thinks about visiting her sister one of these weekends?


Note to fellow bloggers: I’m not sure why the red sofa shows in The Reader. I did read a post with that picture and had forwarded the link to my niece on Facebook.  My official entry on my page includes the referenced “new home” image.

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