Yard sale humor

It was pouring early this Saturday morning in New England. Nobody likes bad weather when you finally get to the weekend. For a yard saler, it’s a huge let down.

Part of it is denial but I was hopeful it would stop.  At 6 a.m. it had time to burn off so people could still set up. The raining finally ceased after breakfast, so I headed to my Mom’s to pick her up.

We drove to the next town for the two advertised yard sales. It was a bit of a drive on the chance they’d put out their wares. After I considered it, I told my Mom that it wouldn’t matter if they were set up our not.


“If they didn’t, we can just knock on the door and ask where it all is.”

I found the humor in it but she did not.

My Dad teased me and said, “I think you’ve been to too many yard sales in your lifetime.”

Me? I just get my exercise by taking walks in other people’s yards.”

You’d think lightning would’ve struck.

Photo: $5 Polo bag


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