Let Go and Let God

The start of my holiday weekend was very busy and full of family obligations. On Sunday I consciously tried to rest on that seventh day. Reading and writing are  two ways I rest.

So, I started with my Reader here. A blogger I follow had a quote that basically stated, “if you don’t seize opportunity, it will pass.” I’m usually inspired by this blog that includes a spiritual presence. The entry was motivating but I responded negatively. The words made me think about what I should really be doing with my time – so I went into denial and switched to Facebook to waste time.

It was there I found a very touching and inspirational video that ended by very simply  stating, “If you want something in life – do it!”

I decided they were both signs to dust off my screenplay.  I gave it life seven years ago and only recently resuscitated it. I started off by rereading to get back into character, editing as I went. Momentum kicked in and I added several scenes. I spent a large part of the day bringing it to a new level. I’d strung a lot together and felt really positive about my progress.

I reflected on how my writing session started by reading other people’s posts.

We’d helped one another.

I’d listened to the whispers.

While I backed up my literary work, I read my daily inspirational calendar:

“Let your faith ignite your dreams.”


7 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God”

  1. Nice post.Thanks for sharing. I got really surprised when you talked of “a negative spin” in my post. Then I said sometimes we set out to do one thing and end up doing another. My blog is meant to promote the positive attitude and inspire people; but see where I land going by your evaluation. Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I’ll have to take another look at that post and see how I improve it. Again, thank you.

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    1. I need to quote the old “it’s not you, it’s me” adage. Please don’t change anything about your blog. I edited my sentence…and with apology. My thanks are meant to be twice – for leading me down the right path. God Bless.


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