All in time

The middle of the night is lonely and frustrating. It can feel like nobody is there to help. Sleep, never mind dreams, isn’t an option.

One thing I learned this past year is I can pray for anything. I can pray for restfulness. I can decide to trust in the Lord and rid myself of needless anxiety.

I woke up in a stir last night and was wide awake again just before midnight. I didn’t want lack of sleep to impact my health in the morning. I reached for my faith first and tried to remember my daily devotional quote. They always make me feel better and help me talk to God.

I opened my eyes even wider when I realized I hadn’t read it before bed. Oh no! How can I be a follower if I cannot even take a few moments out of my day for refllection?! Now I really couldn’t sleep; in that moment I let myself down.

I’ve learned I need God in my life. Having Him by my side makes every day easier. The Holy Spirit works through me to help others. I know all of this…

…yet I ignored my Bible expecting the grace of a new day. It was unacceptable.

I climbed out of bed on my knees and reached for my devotional calendar.

June 30

“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you;

my soul thirsts for you.”

My devotional calendar spoke to my moment and reaffirmed my faith yet again. It is relevant to all my days, thoughts, hopes and worries. This is Psalm 63.

I smiled amongst the darkness.

Calm washed over me and I relaxed.

I got the drink I needed and fell asleep.

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  1. Surely, your faith is strong enough that He wouldn’t abandon you for such a small faux pas…to quote another wise man, “Let go and let God!”

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