Spouting Fire

This is in response to the Dragons Loyalty Award given to me by Rich, one of my own faithful readers. When I saw the name of the award and learned he liked dragons, I had to take another toy photo to mark the occasion.  A little about the award from my fellow blogger, Rich.

So, now you want the down-and-dirty five fun facts about me:

1) I collect vintage Fisher Price toys from my own childhood and beyond. The photo is an example of the “peeps”. They are part of my primary collection made up of over 120 different colored and specialty wooden people from all around the FP community of toys. They are small and don’t take up much room to collect.

2) I sell my duplicates and other books and toys I admire at two local antique shops. I learn about the other items sold there, love that others appreciate my wares and enjoy talking to all the people I meet at “the shop”.

3) I love to volunteer. I’ve always aligned my community service with my own interests and life. When I was younger it was about bike-a-thons and selling  poppies for the local VFW. When our girls were younger I was a Girl Scout leader and then a Big for Big brothers/Big Sisters. I suppose I’ve filled some of the voids I learn about.  I currently work as a literacy volunteer to combine my interests of language, reading and positive people working to get ahead.

4) I want to get ahead of my weight. Unfortunately. I am learning I have to work for it. I must commit to exercise and am learning what traits I do and don’t have related to routine, persistence, discipline and endurance. Fighting for the discipline seems harder for me than enduring a workout once I get started. It’s getting started that’s the problem.

5) I have a problem with my long-term writing goal.  My big writing project is actually a screenplay.  What business do I have to even say that sentence? I am not a professional. I’ve never written more than an opinion piece and newsletter. Can I venture into that arena and just show up at a pitch conference? I am my own worst enemy to my dreams. I’d love to just have Stephen King over for dinner to talk about it.

That’s me – inside and out I suppose. I hope it was “rich”.

I also learned a dragon can be defined as a strict and watchful woman. I’ll be watching my five nominees to see how they react to the award. If not, they’ll see exactly how strict I can be:

1. A place where I can hang out on Friday nights.

2. A favorite site that helps show me other parts of the world.

3. A recent blog I started following for positive motivation.

4. One of my original followers, and I think maybe my first, a Mom that keeps it real.

5. A photographer that matches two arts. I love the thoughtful titles to his photos.

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  1. I love love love the fisher price dragon that is awesome. Thankyou for taking part your response is amazing. And as far as the screen play goes, you have every right to say those words. Follow your dreams you can achieve anything you try hard enough for😊

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