At first it looked like an ordinary marble but it was far from it.  Sulfides are one of the most unique marbles you can own. They’re more than glass, steel or clay balls. They are collectibles and part of history.

That’s why Connor’s use of his best sulfide in a standard dirty game circle was insane! It wasn’t just a clearie or a commie, it was from the WWI era and inherited from his great grandfather. He was so convinced he’d shoot the final agate out, he used his most coveted marble.

Connor was more suspended in midair than his marble when he missed. It was a reflection of how cocky he can be when it’s the “end of the day” and his head is in the “clouds” during a “swirl” of activity. He was very upset and feeling little. I know because my “peewee” friend went inside to get a glass of “milkie” –  just like any other ordinary marble.

Too many words for the challenge but so much fun to write.


26 thoughts on “Bumboozer!”

  1. I am learning more about the game and language of marbles – amazing! At least that’s how I’m reading it. Thanks, but poor Connor, how will he explain this, no problem, he’ll just win it back!

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  2. I never played marbles, and now I know a bit more. Nicely done! You are not over on the word count. Your story with the opening line is 160 words. The word count on the stories you write for this challenge do not include the opening line. So, you could have used four more words. 🙂 Again, you did well. Thank you Ms. Toy for joining in on the Mondays Finish the Story challenge. See you next week? I hope so! Be well… ^..^

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  3. Interesting terms, as I did not know them before I read this.
    Great story, and thank you for putting a link to my MFtS!

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