SOC – Saturday

Oink is an odd pig sound that makes me think of my husband’s plans to murder me.  He used to be a fan of the show ‘Deadwood’. When he isn’t a fan of mine, he reminds me that we should buy a pig farm because they’ll eat my bones and get rid of the evidence.

Meow is the sound our cats make, especially before dinner to remind you what time it is or during a movie to prompt you for a petting. My husband loves his cats which constantly reminds me that he is a gentle soul.

Roar like a lion sting like a bee. I am woman hear me roar. My zodiac sign is Leo. I tend to boast when I tell people that means I am loving and loyal.

Chirp is what I heard through the bedroom windows this morning. I love to listen to the birds wake each other up.  Sometimes I wonder how they decide which wire to meet on each day. Is there a cool chicadee wire and a local pub wire? Are they off to the bath houses? Do they consider one worm more gourmet than the next? I love the habitats they build for Humanity.

That reminds me of cuckoo and the clock we used to have in the living room. I loved the top of the hour and hearing my husband wind it up.  I just realized somewhere along the way, we stopped the tradition. It’s still on the wall. Maybe it’s because my husband no longer has to pull a chain to hear cuckoo every hour?


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