Positivity – Sunday Photo Fiction

He enjoyed the woods and farms of his boyhood. The woods were a physical labor more masculine than his years. They were also where he spent his carefree climbing days off. The farm had an unforgiving sun when he worked in its fields but the most notorious night skies.

The fruits of his labors paid for meals and his rucksack in the farmhouse.  Anything extra was tucked away in his tin can for Indiana State.

His nut collection would also pay for his future.  He just needed to keep them away from the animals and insects.He dreamed of owning a black walnut forest on the edge of a riverbank someday. His determination and collections weren’t a game to him.

Yet they were.


He played solitaraire with the black walnut acorns on the loneliest nights. Larry entertained himself with his games and added to his collection of black walnut acorns in gaming sets of 33.  He planned to plant them into similar groves before going to University.

They would grow as he grew. Once they both matured, he’d build a deck so he could still watch the night skies.He’d get rich and never be bored…

…once he got top price per board foot.


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