Yesterday I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t have to work, would be outside and also end up at the mall. We’d probably all go out to lunch too. My outfit had to be versatile and breezy. I don’t how many times I fussed…I changed my shoes twice and my top several more..or was it the other way around?

I looked at what I had on…dressed up jeans and sandals…and I asked these questions:

  • Would these clothes work?
  • Could I also wear them to check my antique booth later in the day?
  • Did the outfit need something else?

I reached for my trustworthy devotional calendar for answers:

“You’re loved in this moment, just the way you are – and you’re on your way to becoming all God created you to be.”

I went on my way, with some added confidence, feeling very becoming.

…and let me add – as I finished this post I read today’s entry as well:

“My God is “changeless” in His love for me.”!!


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