Beyond Ridiculous

Posts like my last wardrobe malfunction allow me to laugh at myself.

Little did I know there would be a Part II to that entry!

My errands today included going to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a mini garment steamer for my daughter.  She works in hospitality and I wanted to surprise her with it when she visited tonight.

I then went across the plaza to another large retailer to return my other daughter’s bathing suit.  She recently got her certification to be a lifeguard and the one-piece we’d bought didn’t fit the proper color requirements.

At the return counter, I met up with my sister’s sister-in-law.  We chatted there and then walked to the connected Starbucks so she could get here Grande-mocha-something-chai with whipped cream and caramel swirl.

But I digress….

After she spent $47.50 on her beverage, we finished our conversation outside the front of the store.  Her husband, a local referee that we’ve known for years, picked her up at the door.  I approached the car and wished him a happy, early Father’s Day and went on my way.

I was far beyond my shopping time but felt good about meeting up with some old friends.  The best made plans are unmade plans.  As I climbed into my car, I looked down at the steering wheel and noticed the sticker on my blouse.

The best made Bed, Bath & Beyond price tags are the ones that stay on the products!



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