Third time wasn’t a charm

If I wanted DVD’s or belt sanders, the third stop could have been a charm. It just wasn’t worth the time to go out of our way. However, we went over one more block and our arrival proved to be very timely. I bought an hour glass for $2.


After the side detour, we went to the local flea market before driving to the next town.

It was getting hot and I needed a drink of some sort.

I started out by buying an empty bottle.  I spent $1 for one from our childhood:


We used to go to the soda factory to watch the conveyor belt. We’d also bring a case of soda home. They are a great memory and also resell at the local stores for $5 to $7. In other words, they help pay the rent.

I figured the empty mug I found would too.  The store it advertises is very popular with the kids and is on The Vineyard:


We got back to the car and I downed a ginger ale my mother had packed in her cooler.

She opened a root beer for herself and we drove away…

…The root beer opened up on me when we turned a corner.

Evidently, cars didn’t have cupholders back in the day. My mother had put it on the floor. I shook off my foot and helped navigate to the next yard sale. When we turned left again, the sofa spilled a second time.

The car was literally a root beer float, my sandals were sticky, the floor mats were carbonated and it wasn’t charming.

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