I previously wrote about my daughter’s home style dorm prank.

The next night I got home before she did. I wasn’t considering payback until I finished putting the dishes away and found the extra water balloons. My reading and writing was easily put on hold. I started filling up the balloons instead. After tying about seven of them, I realized how easy this was going to be. I took a break and sent my daughter a text.

When will you be home?

Ten minutes, came the reply.

Perfect…enough time to add a few more balloons to my arsenal.

I went outside on the deck ‘bunker’ with my ammo and waited for headlights.

My daughter got out of the car. Like a revolutionary soldier, I waited until I could see the whites of her eyes. The balloon hit her but she only got a little water shrapnel. When she yelled at me, I realized it was the wrong daughter! Evidently, I should have considered more than the whites of her eyes.

“Mom!” What are you doing?!”

“I thought you were Tarah,” I said laughingly as I tossed another balloon her way.

“You are psychotic!”  “You’re getting my stuff all wet.”

She humped her way back to home base not giving me any credit for my antics.

Handing out a punishment to the wrong kid felt terrible. Having an unscheduled target practice felt great.  I still had it.

I sat on the darkened deck and waited for my next target. I still had balloons left and the summer air was perfect. When the car arrived, I hid by the back door. I wouldn’t have to look at her face, she only had to turn the corner at the top of the stairs for me to get a full onslaught.

When her figure appeared, I got a chest bullseye and the water exploded all over her face.

Her friend’s face.

Poor Danielle’s face.

She was speechless.

A first for her.

A second miss for me.

Tarah came up behind unsuspecting, and now stunned, Danielle.

“Mom! What are you doing?!”

I gave her a tactical visual and finally hit my original target with several water balloons!

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“Nope. This is for real.  It’s payback.” I laughed so hard my ass fell off.

“At least when I got you, you weren’t carrying anything.”

Yada. Yada. Yada. I threw my last two little balloons.

“OMG. We have cell phones with us you know.”

Her reaction almost spoiled my fun as they gasped their way into the house. I giggled my way in with my empty bucket.

It was anticlimatic as they headed up the stairs in silence.

My reward was when they got to her home dorm room and I heard Tarah remark, “I’m so mad at myself for letting her get payback. That was classic.”


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