I know Tarah is glad to be back in the nest. She just doesn’t want to live in a disorganized nest.  She also needs her nest to retain a sense of dorm life.

Now that she’s used to living in tight quarters, Tarah realizes  a person just needs essentials. That’s why she cleaned out our kitchen cabinet drawers and mug cabinet the last time she visited. She’s also insisted my paperwork can be kept in my desk instead of on the kitchen table. Really?

I came home the other night and she was washing all the decor and candles on top of the cabinet. She’d enlisted Dad in her project too. When I expressed an interest, she asked if I wanted to see what they’d done outside too?

I was thrilled with her energy and work being done on the house, so of course I said, “Yes!”

My first red flag that something was amiss should have been that my husband let me quickly slip on his boots. He covets his shoes more than Carrie Bradshaw.

The second tip-off should have been when they told our dog, Otis, to stay in the house.

I followed Tarah, in my oversized shoes, off the deck and along the side of the house. We got to the front of the house and she stated, “I should have turned on the front light.”

She quickly did an about-face but not to turn on the outside lights.  She ran towards a car in the driveway and that’s when I noticed the bucket!

I turned to run but my army issue boots didn’t turn with me.

The ambush started and I tried to run like a clown afraid of a little water.

Tarah’s one mistake was getting too close to ensure another bullseye. I reached in the bucket but missed her in all the quick excitement – I mean, insanity.

I got close again and hugged her, which wasn’t part of the plan. I dug my hands in the bucket a second time and decided just to squeeze them.  She knew she was quickly losing ammunition.

We were back on the deck at that point, so I went for the door. That’s when I realized mission control was in charge of re-entry.Her Dad was in on it!

I turned around for the final onslaught. I may have broken the rest of her balloons but she poured the resulting water on my head!

I could have won a wet T-shirt contest.

Now that Tarah also had some semblance of dorm life, I knew she was glad to be home.

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