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Thank you to Vicky Louise for the Versatile Blogger nomination. She was new to WordPress but gave a grand compliment.  It’s really nothing but it means everything. I had found her blog and hope others can discover mine as well.

Ms Toy Whisperer really is a versatile blog. The topics I write under are different every day and illustrate I’m adaptable to a number of topics.  As part of my nomination, below are 7 fun facts about me and the Ms Toy Whisperer blog:

1.) Last month I ran the ‘MSMuckfest – Boston’ with our two girls.  If I’m willing to run through 3.5 miles of muddy obstacles to spend an afternoon with my girls, I’m versatile. That’s the kind of time I write about in Leaving the Nest – All about the Chicks.


2.) My heart throb is Adam Lambert.  You’ll even find some lyrics I wrote for his, I wish, next album.  In the meantime, he just released Ghost Town.  I am his biggest fan and will tell the world.


3.) When I want to write about something different, or outside my world, I find a challenge or DailyPrompt to write some fiction.  I’m also proud of my versatile photography skills on this home page.  It’s the true meaning of ‘screen saver’.  Below is another favorite that illustrates my different perspectives:


4.) I love fall in New England but have also learned how to adapt to an intense winter as illustrated in the home page photos for Cranberry Blogs – Life in New England.  This is a photo from a recent walkathon in Portsmouth, New Hampshire:

photo 1-3

5.) Some people flip houses. I flip yard sale and auction finds as my hobby. Read about my yard sale deals and auction mishaps. A local antiquity, displayed with a candy cigarette, is illustrated in this mixed media:


6.) I listen to The Whispers of the Holy Spirit;  it reaffirms my faith and path in life.


7.) Last year I became a literacy volunteer in Massachusetts. I teach English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). Read about the time I’ve spent with my first student, and now lifelong friend, under this category.



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