I wouldn’t be misleading if I told you I sometimes miss our girls that are away at college.

I find ways to cope:

– I use their left behind hair products.

– I send GN. ILY. texts.

– I check social media to see if they posted anything during the week.

– I wear their clothes.

– I call to see if they’ll pick up.

When they do, I also play the lottery.

I have my own twisted ways of dealing with a quieter house:

I talk out loud to the pets.

I color in old coloring books.

I change their unused bed linens.

I mutter to my husband.

I put my thoughts into a blog they’ll never read.

I use their VS coupons.

Tonight I went in my husband’s office and stopped to glance at some older photos of them on his desk. Their faces were contorted and out of shape like when you look at yourself in a fun house mirror.

I could give a false account and say it was through the looking glass…


…but that would be misrepresenting them – and Alice.


This is my Wonderland.

I wonder what they’ll say when they see them?

I wonder when I’ll stop laughing?!

This is still my fun house.


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    1. Thanks. I liked that one too. Yesterday one of my entries said I was “as hot and fresh as a loaf of bread coming out of the oven”. I liked that one too.


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