Skype Hype

I opened the door to our study room and Cristina was on Skype. My manners were nowhere to be found. I walked right in and interrupted. I was voluntarily part of her life now, so I wanted to know who was on the phone.

Interestingly enough, before I could ask or put down my bag, Cristina invited me to sit next to her…and meet her mother!

She was happy and beautiful, just like her daughter.

I dont speak Spanish, so I just waved.

Cristina said the woman with her was Anna and she spoke English. Like typical women, regardless of culture, we all started talking at once.

It didn’t really matter, we were all overjoyed to meet and see our world’s collide.

Then a man entered the frame.

“Uncle” Paco corralled the four of us and helped with the translations.

It turns out, we were all thrilled and glad Cristina’s two worlds had finally met.

Paco had voluntarily walked into the room but no manners, or translations, were necessary.