I woke up this April first morning eager and excited for the annual challenge.

With all my years of experience, I know the key is to harmlessly get them where it hurts….and it must be convincible.

So the target to get my husband, was his morning coffee.

I had put on my slippers and bathrobe, grabbed the dog leash and announced myself back in the bedroom.

“Hon, the stove doesn’t work. None of the burners will turn on.”

The only response to my bedside arrival was one open eye.

I get that a lot.

“Do you want some orange juice with me instead of coffee?”

The other eye opened, with a questioning brow, and he climbed out of bed.

I went in the kitchen to put on my coat and wait for a reaction with our dog, Otis.

My husband silently walked over to his favorite appliance and did his assessment:

  • The clock had the proper time.
  • The light went on and off.
  • The burner knob turned to the ‘on’ position.

When the front burner turned red, he put the tea kettle on it and gave me an “I never know what you’re talking about” look.

I get that a lot.

I took maybe way too much pleasure in my response:

“APRIL FOOL’S!!!!!!!!”

Still me, “SUCKER!”

“I love this day! Hah! That’s one down, so many to go. Come ‘on Otis, let’s go think of a joke for the girls.”

I skipped into the back yard extremely pleased with my laughing self.

Otis and I came back to the house ready for our breakfast.

I tried the handle to the back door and it didn’t open.

That’s when it clicked in my mind.

The dead bolt had been put to use.

My husband thought he was a comedian too.

He’d never  said a word and I could hear his payback humor loud and clear.

My own personal mime had locked me out of the house.

He only acknowledged my April Fool’s joke by making a good and clever counter-joke at my expense.

I found the spare key, let myself in and poured my humbled self some orange juice.

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!