Sadly, I thought of women in my earlier life when I saw the “vicious” word challenge.

Middle school is a hard time for children, especially girls. They’re growing fast and awkwardly. Mean observations are shared which leads to bullying. It’s a very competitive age when everyone figuring out where they fit in.

Middle school is also the time children become more social – and parents along with them. Moms and dads are meeting other parents and defining their new friend circles. Gatherings are sometimes awkward as personalities emerge. I’ve heard snarky remarks and seen judging faces of curiosity. It seems like a competition when parents want to fit in.

Behavior is learned at home.

I sat on this challenge for several days because I hated the fact that my first thought was vicious mothers. I looked at it several times and wondered:

What else is vicious? Animals? Yes, we are animals – and sometimes we are unaware we teach our young to be vicious.

Thanks to Judith for letting me get this out of my system – in more than 100 words.


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