When the caged bird sings

We opened a lot of boxes during the auction preview. You never know what’s inside and can never assume they’re empty. We looked at the box of Christmas ornaments, lifted up the typewriter covers, looked inside the cardboard boxes full of bottles and opened an old wooden box to make sure there wasn’t something more valuable inside.

When I didn’t get the high bid on the typewriters and ornaments I realized I’d been boxed out. Knowing what was in the bottle box and seeing them go too, I knew I needed a dose of Moxie to get a winning bid.

What I really wanted was one of the stained glass mission style lamps. However, I wasn’t willing to bid high enough and it was lights out for me.

My brother-in-law said I was shut-out.That’s when I decided to be a shut-in with really nice handcrafted baskets from Africa. The only problem was that everyone else in the room had been shut-in all winter too.  I didn’t get the baskets either.

Don’t get me wrong, you can always win auction items if you bid high enough. I’m just too cheap. I suppose that explains the winning bid I did get.

This cheep-cheep bidder won the white bird cage…for a song.

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