ASL – A Scenario Legend

People at the shop, auctions and yard sales always ask why my husband is not with me. I try to explain it's just not his thing. We have our separate and combined interests which probably helps our marriage. You'll find us together at sporting events, the theatre, restaurants or at home reading a book by the fire.

One of Richie’s interests, besides cooking, is playing what it is sometimes referred to as “bookcase games”. It’s not video games and No!, it’s not Dungeons and Dragons. It is a very sophisticated type of war gaming. One of the first he ever told me about was ASL. The last one I ever wanted to play was Naval Wars, the most junior edition to this cult of scenario play.

Today he scored in a big way. Like my Saturday quests for The Holy Grail with a pocket full of change, he left for the tournament with a backpack of dice and terrain boards. I’ve never found the Grail but tonight he came home with the win.

The girls and I know how much he enjoys playing these games. The scenarios can go on for hours on end. Trisha and I got Tarah on speaker phone and then we took our winner out to dinner.