[12 weeks into 1×1 English tutoring:  the evolution from teacher to student.]

Cristina AND I met at the library BUT we were both really tired. TO ADD TO THAT, her thyroid was going crazy PLUS she needed vitamins.  Cristina had brought a list of conjunctions and other phrases that join sentences. DESPITE just getting over the flu, she was ready to speak fluid English for an hour.

We caught up on not just our week BUT the emails we’d exchanged. We talked about the emails using the conversation reference she’d brought. I suppose our relationship is branching out a bit. SO MUCH SO that we told each other about our men.

She is sending seven gifts to her new man friend in Spain.  They are very creative BUT I won’t tell you here. That’s Cristina’s story. THE POINT IS,  she was able to explain the goal, humor, timing AND every item and plot twist in well-spoken English. It was a wonderful feeling  knowing she was sharing with me, has a similar sense of humor and creativity AND is finding her way in the English language.

I don’t  quite remember how much I told her about my man. Richie would have  laughed knowing I tried to talk technology at one point though. We translated the “input device” she drew for me. I told her it was referred to as a flash drive OR memory stick.

TO SUMMARIZE, we talked about a lot of things: her blog, movies, music, medicine and Indians. It’s becoming less about the lessons AND more about the conversation. She had told me about the gifts she was sending home BUT she is a gift to me.  THE POINT IS, we were both tired but I won’t  tire of her any time soon.


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  1. the life give us gifts every day , just in the perfect moment. We only have to have our eyes open, our heart…you have it, that´s why we are knowing each other and growing together. You also are a gift for my. 🙂


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