Breaking Bad

My daughter woke up for her first Spring Break day as expected. It was after noon and she was ready to call the shots:

– She told me to put my socks in our own hamper?

– I had to clean out our lint trap before she started laundry!

– She called me out and I put on a new roll of toilet paper.


If I was going to work this hard, I was leaving the house.  I asked if she wanted to go jogging with me? After my husband finished laughing, she said she’d go.

What I didn’t know was that a fitness routine has fashion requirements:

– I had to take off my classic gray sweats and put on yoga pants.

– My Yellowstone sweatshirt transformed into an aerobic jacket.

– Ponytails were standard, if I wanted to run like I was 20.

I didn’t. I just didn’t want to waddle like I was 50.  I only needed to take a quick run to see how far I could get. I was just trying to get off the couch, so something on me would melt away with the snow.

Besides, if I looked like I was 20 I wouldn’t need to run in 40 degree rain in March!

We finally made our way out the door.  I held up okay and didn’t faint. My daughter was light on her feet and didn’t run too far ahead.

Trisha isn’t in an exotic location relaxing in front of a sunset.  That’s not her interpretation of Spring Break.  Evidently, it means breaking her mother’s ass during the Spring thaw!


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