Time Traveler

I decided to stay at the auction this week, so I don’t know where I thought I was going after it started.  Evidently, wherever I had planned to travel it required a wooden suitcase and Brooks Brothers canes. Not winning those bids, I stayed in my metal chair.

Then I bought a round basket to store any additional impulse bids.

The railroad items went on the block next. I did like the Hartford signage but I’d gotten past my grandeurs of travel. The books, prints and models went quickly.  Railroad lanterns were sold in a lot for more than a little.

It seemed appropriate that the last train item was a “1 Track” sign. The guys that didn’t win it decided they had a one-track mind. The vintage girlie magazines were next and they created a bidding war.

I was interested in a different type of girl item. The Granny clock sold amongst the furniture. It was so short I called it my Meme.

Reflecting on my grandmother won me the Eglomise mirror.

The auctioneer was only halfway around the room at that  point. So,I decided to buy some  dinner at the fundraiser window. Ironically,  I bought soup as I lost out on the Norton crock.  It was probably best that I spent only $2 instead of $85.

At that point, my brother-in-law left to get to his trivia night. I went backward in time and waited for the Christmas items to go up for sale.  A lot of dealers had already left so needless to say, I won my Christmas items.

My candle trios will light our home during the holidays.  The elves will sit on our mantle. There’s no reason for them to travel any farther.