Code Coed

Our youngest was home this week and it was just like when she was a baby:

Nights turned into days.

The laundry doubled…no tripled?

Bottles of juice were consumed.

She made the most adorable faces.

We ordered Chinese in, just to have a night out.

We left the night light on  in the bathroom.

We went to  the mall so I could show her off.

Friends visited just to see her.

Meals and events revolved around her schedule.

We took a lot of photos.

I put lotion on her feet.

Her sister was jealous.

She changed clothes five times a day.

I changed her bedding and Dad planned her meals.

She wanted so much milk we considered buying the local dairy.

We went to the pediatrician.

We hung out on the couch.

I’ve been in sweats all week.

I checked on her after she fell asleep every night.

She made me laugh and cry.

She made our house a home.


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