Grant Access

In response to a daily challenge:

Angela was late meeting her friends in the high school cafeteria. She’d doubled-back to the lockers after Chemistry to get her granola. She waved to her smiling friends as she got in line to buy some yogurt.

That’s when her heart stopped.

Grant was filing in right behind her. She was very conscious of it.  Angela quickly recalled his moves from behind on the wrestling mat.  She could barely step forward;  she was frozen.

‘Frozen yogurt’ she told herself as she tried not to think of Grant in his wrestling thong.

He seemed to be standing closer to her than necessary to get his customary two sandwiches and three milks.

Yes, she’d noticed in the past. Now if only he’d reach around her to get his lunch.

Angela sure was glad nobody could read her curious mind.  Her heart restarted as she took pleasure in her thoughts.

Angela knew Grant from Algebra II class. He sat in the back and while his IQ didn’t compute, his muscles certainly did. He was pretty quiet and seemed like a nice guy which added to his already “10” flesh score.

She felt him behind her in the line, felt  the sheer bulk of him, and listened to the slow hum of the beeping registers and the murmured conversations. Then his breath warmed the side of her face as he said quietly. “I want to devastate your body.”

She was no longer frozen and thawed immediately because her blood boiled.

If only.

If only he wasn’t such a disrespectful asshole!

Yes, she had daydreams but this was her body…and she wasn’t Granting access.



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