April Fools – Tournament Style

The High School season was over but we were still playing basketball on April 1.  AAU was year-round at that point in our lives so the excessive inside gym time might have been the catalyst. We were at yet another tournament with hundreds of other young aspiring athletes.

There can be long wait times between each scheduled game. The girls leave for lunch or the mall. They multi-task by doing their homework or busy themselves with random girl talk or naps.  Tarah had the added challenge of putting up with her mother.

I had to find things to do too. I’d already been to college…and I had an array of April Fool’s pranks up my un-uniformed sleeve. When I realized Tarah and I were in the bathroom by ourselves, I told her my idea. She went for it.

We locked all the stalls from the inside.

As fast as we could!

When we left, yet another game was breaking up. Two teams of teenage girls were headed to the ladies room. Tarah and I looked at each other with “don’t laugh” grins on our faces. We stayed in the lobby outside the door to see what happened. We could hear the girls chattering and they seemed to just be “waiting their turn”. Another game finished and a line formed out the door.

We heard commotion inside and joined the end of the line. We asked what was going on as three girls stormed out.

“All the doors are locked and we can’t even use the rest room!”

Hearing this, others left the line to seek out another ladie’s room in the college facility. We got back into the bathroom  and realized the tournament coordinators were falling in behind us. The girls inside were upset. One slammed a stall door on her way out of it. The player at the sink explained to the college coaches:

“The doors were locked from the inside, coach.  Nobody was even in here.  We didn’t realize it at first…and we had to climb under!”

The athletic director tried to calm the girls as Tarah and I eased our way back out. We dared not say a word until we were in our car. I’ll never forget our fit of laughter.  I didn’t know if my daughter would ever play college basketball but she’d co-captained one hell of an April Fool’s prank!


Copyright Donna L. Crowe, 2015


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