What do you do when you wake up early, after staying up way too late, and the dog needs to go out and it’s still the dead of winter?…

…and you want to go back to bed but you should first eat your breakfast to stay strong because you don’t otherwise exercise and when you do get your butt moving later in the day, you’re going to freeze your ass off for the 120th day in a row?..

…and you have plenty of paperwork from the office at home and more work in the house but no matter what you decide there won’t be enough hours in the day to do it all?…

Answer: Do what you do every day: multi-task.

Put on warm clothes, grab your breakfast and dig out a ‘frig for your o.j.


Start your snow treadmill and hike in over three feet of Massachusetts snow…


Lay down each time your heart rate is up and make a snow angel to rest.  The angel will point out you’re in the cold you dreaded, have exercised and your morning entry has written itself.


Everything you need is in your back yard.  He has supplied all of your needs.

There’s plenty of time for whatever else because your trust is in Him.

The Lord has provided another beautiful day.


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