Orange You Glad Family Tree


…that was the last time I ever heard from her.  Despite any potential humiliation, I’ll admit we were in KMart. There had been a blue light special in aisle six. The kitchen wares were 30% off and I needed a spatula. Myra was just cutting over to the candy aisle. We said hello and asked about each other’s children. With no grandkids, her and her old man continued to work on their relationship. So much so, they’d planned to spend time together at the casino the next day.  He was always more agreeable for a few weeks after spending one afternoon playing video poker.  

I’d picked out a red spatula to match my Hamilton Beach mixer and followed Myra to find her sweets. She was stocking up for the smoky casino floor. She didn’t smoke but she did have a habit.  She walked amongst the one-armed bandits with a plastic cup of gumballs instead of quarters.  Her habit was snapping gum. She told me she thought it was fun but Lance never let her do it at home. Myra had said it would be her “two for one ” special at the casino.

Running into Myra, and hearing her odd video gumball couple’s therapy, made an impression.  They were a strange couple on a normal day but they had the privilege of growing old together. Myra had worried Lance was experiencing memory loss from time-to-time but was reassured that he still knew how to make  a full house.  I suppose it’s like an orange tree that isn’t growing the way it’s supposed to but still produces a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice every morning. 

The law was looking for them now but they were probably just at the casino again. I bet they’ll find Lance awaiting  a royal flush and Myra seeking out a gumball machine.


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