Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my daughter’s 20th birthday.  At some point this morning, I started to question how well I’d taught her?  About everything?  – the world? – and had I ‘done right by the family’?  She’s off to college and I wondered if she was happy?  Happy enough?  Where is she going in life? and is she prepared?  What else can we do to support her?  The thoughts kept coming as I drove to work.

I unpacked my bag when I got to the office and glanced at my daily devotional.  It said,

“Don’t worry about seeing or understanding what the future holds.  God wants you to trust Him as He leads you, even though you can’t see clearly ahead.  And don’t be overly concerned about fully comprehending the past.  Only He knows the whole truth about it, anyway.  You have Him now.  He is your light.  And that’s all that matters.”


I continue to be in awe of the Holy Spirit.  I am finally starting to affirm my faith on a daily basis.  Amen.