Preview starts 5:30

In response to this daily challenge:

“Haven’t they ever seen a unicorn before?”

We had arrived for the start of auction preview but several dealers were already there.  As they migrated to the next display, we evaluated the table and the Cybis collectible they were inspecting.  We wondered what their confusion had been?

Mark continued, “I know his head is turned sideways but this rendition still looks like a unicorn.”

I agreed with his auction 101, “Of course it does.  It has a horn sticking out of its forehead!”

We laughed as we looked at the other animals.  I was drawn to the owl.  Mark  seemed to have nostalgia for his aunt’s collectibles.

“Their house had some gorgeous Cybis in their living room.  Many pieces were a LOT larger than what is displayed here.”  He had a personal history or in-depth knowledge about many items that went on the block.

We both learned even more each week and tonight there was a large variety of items.  Seeing the habits, personalities and rivalries of the dealers was an added bonus.  For me, the fundraiser kitchen was the icing on the sometimes served cake.  This was all my coveted hobby even if it was just a local town auction.

I looked over at Hank, our auctioneer and realized this was just a job for him.  He does this week-after-week and has to move a lot of breakables and not-so-valuable shit to get to this point.  He looked sickly and lethargic.  I thought he’d better get his game on if he wanted to get some healthy bids.

I told Mark that the statues weren’t really my thing and moved over to the vintage toys.  I started to look at the Fisher Price and he inspected the Hess items for our 10-year-old-nephew.  He still needed the 2001 helicopter truck to complete his “collection of the century” as he called it.

The vintage clothes were next so we could inspect them for any expensive buttons.  That’s when I noticed ruddy little Rudy inspecting his billfold.  We all come here with cash but every week he seems to open his billfold extra wide at some point during the night.

To me showing your wad is just stupid ass.  It’s like showing your hand at poker, is unprofessional and says something about his insecurities.  There’s an expression for little man complex;  he adds to it by revealing his wad too.

As the room filled up, I noticed several textile dealers had shown up.  That meant there was something good here.  I keep promising myself I’ll learn more about 40’s hand towels, samplers and hand-stitched quilts.

Regardless, the auctioneer woke up, decided he needed early money and started at the table with the vintage clothes.  His runners are hams.  When the lot of period hats went up, Tom fashioned a pillbox hat for the crowd.  Not to be outdone, his counterpart modeled the hula skirt and medicine mask.  They did keep the night lively.  Modern day Abbott & Costello meets sluggish boss and cheapskates.

The myth of the evening ended and I don’t recall the unicorn’s high bid.  I did get the 1963 Fisher Price Huffy Puffy.  Even though its caboose was turned just so, I still knew it was a train.



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