Superbowl XLIX

I live and breathe in New England so the odds would say I’m a Patriots fan. I am today anyway. I’ve been talking about it all week. Not Deflategate. Not Katy. I’ve been boasting to everyone at work about what will soon be trending as the Grampielator.

He makes the best hand-cut homemade skins-on french fries. He only pulls out his coveted deep fryer on special occasions though. With our home team getting into the big game I knew I had a venue. However, even that wasn’t enough to guarantee my golden browns.

It was when my daughter called from campus wanting to be home for the weekend that I knew we had the occasion. Grampie would be sure to pull the holy grail frylator out of his closet if she was home. Anything for his grand baby girls. So I took full and complete advantage of their relationship.

I suggested to my husband that we bring burgers to the game this year. (The Patriots have a few historic wins under their belt.) He shopped and brought the Kaiser rolls, hot sauce, homemade bleu cheese dressing and diced peppers and onions.

I just showed up with my daughter and a sack of potatoes under my arm. It was subtle but I was favored to win. Once the onions caramelized and Trisha said she was hungry, the old man walked the stooped walk. He came out from the back room with his cutter and The Grampielator!

If you watched the game you’d know there was no score after the first quarter. If you had dinner with us, you’d know the score was Mom 1 and who cares about everyone else watching the game? I had inflated, couldn’t dance if I tried and had a full belly in the safety of my in-laws kitchen.

It was a close game. Toward the end Richie caught sight of my fry bowl and tried to give them to my mother-in-law but I intercepted them. I fought to the finish and almost threw my punch. It wasn’t necessary and the outcome was sweet and savory all the way around..this Patriot, and the team, came out on top.

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