Lesson Three – Room 3

Christina and I met in the library again but with the holidays on the horizon, I hadn’t created any type of lesson plan. I was only at the third hour of training and wondered how I was going to help this person?   Short of my pop culture homework, we’d only talked so far.

In our first meeting, Cristina had said conversation and phrasing helped her the most though.  I also had my reference books if needed.   It was all I had to work with, so I walked into the room to converse and refer.

We started the meeting like we had the others. We told each other about our week.  We certainly had enough to discuss. My girls were home for the holidays and Cristina was back from New York City.

I answered her fairly-well-phrased questions and told her about the girls ages, majors and interests. Christina trumped me by talking about the 20-year-old  major interest from NYC.

You met someone?!  We had no trouble filling a large part of the hour after that.  He’d been nice to her, helped her with her English and walked with them around the city. I hadn’t even asked, “Whats up?” and she was already talking about being on the  Whatsapp with the guy.

Good for her. Clearly beauty translates as well.

I can’t remember how the tables turned after that but we started talking about depression. She has a degree in Psychology and her own ideas about what makes the disorder thrive. She believes it’s important to have a good diet, rest, engagement with others and positive attitude in life.

I loved everything she had to say and she was removing language barriers as she said it.  It was there I became a fan of hers. I admire her courage, dedication and motivations. She wants to help people and get them out of their proverbial…and hard to translate until we played pictionary for a few minutes…bubbles.

In these moments I learned the beauty of the human spirit also translates. It floated through the air like the bubbles in her journal.

I’d been paying attention in a lot of ways. I decided when she came back from her holiday in Spain, we’d work on pronouns and plurals. We role played our way through an airport in my reference book and then created our own runway to the back door.

Cristina thanked me, gave me a box of chocolates, hugged me and wished me a Merry Christmas.

When I hugged her back. I realized I already had.





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