Nuts to me

My mind was made up and my heart was set on it. I was going to Nashua to see my guy friends. When Richie realized where I wanted to go, he insisted on driving.

We’d been there together before but today would be different. I hadn’t gotten any in awhile and I think Richie felt badly. The guys greeted us but it was like an unexpected party in there. It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday for crying out loud!

Richie and I were both focused on why we were there and tried not to get distracted by the other guests. Tried because another couple approached and asked if they could join us. It was a first for me but Richie didn’t even know what to say!

Right away they left with an understanding smile. I think they saw Richie was uncomfortable and were respecting our space. They also seemed to know another chick walking into the room.

We were only there for a short time anyway. It was just long enough for Richie to enjoy the cajuns and me to have a long-awaited cheeseburger. There’s something to be said for going “all the way with green peppers”, 5 guys and your husband!

No, Richie doesn’t mind my antics. He just wanted to go to Nashua to shop at Trader Joe’s. Hell! He’s the one who left with SIX loose pink ladies!



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