Last Comic Standing

My fellow empty-nester and I actually had a date tonight. We started our drive to the movies and Paul Simon was on the radio. We used to listen to him BK (before kids). Memories flooded back and I started to feel young and fun again. I don’t sing so when the next song came on the radio,  I started to hand sync instead:

I moved my red gloved hand to the beat of the music and pointed it at my husband’s  face for each chorus:

‘I need a lover that won’t drive me crazy!…’

Halfway into the song and my antics, he suggested the station needed to be changed. I responded by switching over to my air guitar.

I thought I was a riot and told him he had a fun date. When he started air choking, I tried to convince him that I was an explosion of good times:

“I went out with myself last weekend to do errands and we had a blast.”

He didn’t even give me the satisfaction of a chuckle.

I started to wonder if there was still a sense of humor behind my husband’s quiet exterior.  We were almost to the theatre as we passed Newbury Comics. Their painted trucks were next to the store.

“Oh look, someone painted your picture!”, he finally laughed.

My hand sync was a little different this time. Now I really felt young.

Still crazy åfter all  these years!


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