Morning Doblogosis

Doblogosis is often referred to as the blogger’s disease. Although there are other types, morning doblogosis is the most common because it occurs with the greatest frequency upon one’s first conscious waking thought. Doblogosis is transmitted through inspiration, so you can get it by reading, but you can also be exposed through a follow or like, or by sharing a writing prompt or challenge with fellow bloggers. However, it isn’t as contagious as some writing diseases, such as the common writer’s block.

You’re most likely to get doblogosis with all the signs and symptoms if you are a writer, poet, photographer or someone with a passion to share. Teenagers usually have fewer symptoms and the disease often goes unrecognized amid all their other social media.

If you have doblogosis, it’s important to be careful of certain features such as stat monitoring. Paper journals slow the progression but there is no cure for this chronic disease.

At time of death, many with doblogosis tend to type faster, backup or edit their most recent literary masterpiece.

Signs and symptoms include blogging being your first and last thought of the day, compiling mental notes for future posts, being inspired to write about every aspect of your life, reading recent posts, being compassionate, motivating others, highlighting a social issue or promoting an impending novel.


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