I’m not always a fan of photos and haven’t taken a whole lot of them in my lifetime. Pausing for a posed picture or to take a selfie can change the existing moment. They often don’t compliment the whole memory for me. Also, when  the girls got to be teens and had their own cameras, and now cell phones, it really wasn’t a focus for me.  I wrote about our times together instead. My sister once called them written photos.

Today I found this actual image on my tablet. I’d forgotten I downloaded it from my youngest’s Twitter account. I’m glad to have this illustration from our lifetime. It captures that moment and compliments my written memory.



2 thoughts on “Exposure”

  1. This looks like the progression of a laugh – one is smiling, one has her mouth open slightly, one has her mouth open wider, and one has her mouth wide open…from a smile to a belly-laugh!

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