A Broad


Scene 5….

“Clocks aren’t supposed to stand still like that.”

“I know and it reminds me of the crucifixion.” Cindi continued, “Don’t worry, Keith said he’d meet us in this square by 3:00 at the latest. He’ll be here.”

Marsha swished her wine glass as she referred to her French-English dictionary for the tenth time since they sat down at the outdoor cafe. There was still 15 minutes, not that she was counting.

“What if he doesn’t think my French is good enough…or worse, he can’t get me a job after all?!” Marsha fretted for the trillionth time.

“Look, we’re in awe of him for a reason. He left his language studies back home for a foreign city, got a job and an apartment in less than three months and has always known what he wants. He’s very driven, has immersed himself in the language and culture and seems to have fit into this jigsaw city like a puzzle piece. If he said he would, he’ll come through for you.”

“You’re right, he’s always been such a good friend to us.” Marsha agreed as she took a deep breathe. She knew deep down Keith wouldn’t have suggested this vacation for them if he didn’t have a bigger plan.

Cindi joked as she watched for Keith in the square, “He’ll be true to his word even if Keith gets you a job in Paris as a court jester and you don’t even think you’re funny.  You might also wind up rooming with Quasimodo in the bell tower.”



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