Five and Ten


I recently spent an afternoon with my Dad and he stopped at a hospital thrift store with me on the way home. OK…he had no choice – I was driving.  Hey, with no dead of winter yard sales in New England, ya gotta stop if they’re open.  It’s sheltered bargain entertainment.

My dad even took advantage of the nickel and dime pricing and bought a hunting mug for ten cents. I purchased a piece of vintage Tupperware for a quarter, not that I cook but just because I could.  I added a Black Dog souvenir for small coinage also.  Thinking of my nieces birthday bag in the car, I spent a few bucks on a Van Gogh Kelvin Chezzzn teapot to add to it. She loves the Dutch painter and vintage deals as much as I do.

Her Dad helps me out a lot at the auctions so when I saw the Moxie cozy for a dime, I added that to my lot.  Hell, I was feeling so generous I even figured I’d buy the beverage too. Little did I know it has gentian root that constricts his arteries. I thought I was getting him an acquired taste cola but it was really a soda POP.  I don’t want him to stop like my Dad but he since had the moxie to drink it – he had no choice – I was buying.


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