Adam’s Apple


Tonight was the night and I had front row seats.  Adam showed up in New York wearing his blue suit and was as stunningly handsome as ever.  He proved the gentleman I expected as a cordial guest judge and an understanding mentor.  His chiseled facial expressions continue to illustrate that he himself was a ‘model’ contestant.

American Idol televised Adam arriving with the other judges and included a scene of him inspiring waiting contestants.  Harry challenged Adam to try out again and his unplanned acapella didn’t disappoint.

Adam’s honest feedback to the contestants was admirable. He’s a rookie judge but a veteran performer that knows what it takes.  His feedback earned him a nickname on the show tonight but Adam also has a sense of humor and rolled with the punches.  He dished it out and he took it.

My favorite part was watching his expressions when there was true artistry on the stage. He is in another element. Something transports him. Joy immediately goes through him when the music starts.  He hears emotion and he too emotes. His entire body language changes. I’m telling you this guy feels deeply and I’d love to be a part of it. That’s how I’d want Adam to look at me.

Would that happen if he saw my artistry and emotions performing on a  written page?