It’s really late but one more post before I call it a night:

I just got ready for bed thinking about what a great day it’s been. I had a short day at work, lunch with my dad, time with my mom, I went to a thrift store, called my sister, had money for our car repairs, went to the antique store and had a chance to chat, wished my Godson a happy birthday, blogged, texted with one daughter and hung out with the other. Now I get to climb in bed with an amazing warm man on a cold wintry night.

If I can’t give thanks to God for a day like today, I don’t know what else would qualify?

I was thinking all this as I reached  for my ‘God in every Moment’ calendar, wondering what it had to say about today:

“Be delighted with the Lord. Then he will give you all your heart’s desires.”

Really?  It’s Psalm 37:4